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My Last Goodbyes – Online Video Profiles

What happens in case of a sudden passing of a loved one?

Will I be able to say goodbye to my closest friends and family?

Is it possible to send a message to them if I pass?

It is often said that “the only sure things in life are death and taxes.” While we usually prepare for our taxes, it is rare that we prepare for our own death. And who can blame us? No one likes to think about their own inevitable passing or the grief it will cause their loved ones. It is especially painful for our loved ones if the death is unexpected and they do not have the opportunity to hear us say goodbye.

My Last Goodbyes was created to give you the chance to say a final goodbye to those you love.

This is a gift you can give to your loved ones in the event that you unexpectedly pass. In their time of mourning, you will give them the opportunity to see you one last time, to hear your encouragement, to hear you tell them you are proud of them, etc.

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Statistics show that 35% of adults who pass don’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to all their loved ones. With My Last Goodbyes, you have the opportunity to create a Video Time Capsule that can be seen by those you choose.

How It Works – 3 Easy Steps

Learn how My Last Goodbyes can make the ultimate difference in the case of a loved ones’ passing.

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Additional Services

Upload Multiple Types Of Media

Whether it’s your favorite song, family photo or personalized video, My Last Goodbyes gives you the opportunity to upload different types of media. Each additional file type is only a small extra fee to your monthly membership.

Full Privacy & Encryption

Once uploaded to your private profile, your files are encrypted and kept secure on our servers. You’ll never have to worry about your files being accessed by anyone outside of who you specify when you sign up.

Great Customer Support

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Whether you need help signing up, uploading media or have general questions regarding our website, we can be reached by email, with quick response times within 24 hours of your inquiry.



  • 1 Video
  • Custom User Profile
  • Fully Secured and Private Servers


  • Up to 2 Videos
  • Custom User Profile
  • Fully Secured and Private Servers


  • Up to 3 Videos
  • Custom User Profile
  • Fully Secured and Private Servers


How many videos can I post?
As many as you’d like.  The first video is part of your page which is included in your $12 annual fee.  Each additional video will have a $3 annual fee.

Who can view my page?
Your page will only be viewable by you when you login.  Your page will be seen only by those you designate to see it in the event of something unexpected happening to you.

How safe is my video?
Very.  Your video will be enabled to be seen only we verify that something has happened to you.

What is the renewal process?
Your page is charged a $12 (plus additional video fees) annually.  You will be automatically charged each year. 

Can I make a change to my video?
Yes.  While we don’t recommend changing it often, you can change your video(s) at any time.

Can I change who I want to view my page?
Yes.  Who views your page is entirely up to you.  Only the emails you supply will be able to view your page, and only after it has been confirmed that something has happened to you.

What is the cancellation process?
You can cancel anytime.  Let us know and we will ensure you are not automatically renewed.  Your page will stay up until the 12-month period has expired, or your page could be pulled down immediately if you so desire.

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