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Our team is a group of individuals who have experienced the unexpected loss of family and friends.  Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things to endure, but what makes it even harder is when it happens suddenly.  And we each have gone through conversations we wish we had with them and with our last contact with them, and we all realized that it would mean so much to hear and see them one more time. 

So we created this site to help bring some comfort to our loved ones should something happen to us.  In doing so, we have gained a fresh understanding, a newer commitment if you will, to constantly showing our loved ones now how much they mean to us.  While we embrace them now, we have uploaded personal videos for them in case we suddenly pass, because we would so much like to have had one last message from those we lost.

We hope that in utilizing this site, you will have the same experience in having the peace of mind that you can provide some comfort to your loved ones after you pass, but more importantly, to make the time to show them now how much they mean to you.

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